8-8-15 @

Traci's Lounge

 8-29-15 @

Buzzard Bay Pub

 7-11-15 @

 Springboro Party

 7-19-15 @

 Symmes Twp - Concert in the Park.

 7-4-15 @

 Franklin OH.

4th of July Bash

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Taste of Cincinnati              

Upcoming Shows

        Welcome to SOCIAL HERMIT!!!

We are the Greater Cincinnati band that plays a bit of everything and we do it well.  We play Blondie to Steely Dan, Rush to The Barenaked Ladies, The Black Crowes to Coldplay, Pink Floyd to Jane's Addiction..........a bit of everything.

11-14-15 @

Talon Tavern

10-3-15 @

"Save the Girls" Breast Cancer Walk/Run in Milford

9-19-15 @

SMNA Block Party

11-7-15 @

Silverton Cafe